According to my sis's kids, Minions LOVE bananas. So I was searching for a banana tutorial that matches the minions I made for them. But sadly I could find the perfect one. So I thought I'll make one myself and share it with you. This tutorial is very fast and easy. Oh and please don't forget to a look at my T.O.U. -page too. Well that's all I wanted to say! Happy crocheting and if you need help just let me know!

Stitches used:
Mr: magic ring
Inc: increase
Sc: single crochet
Dec: decrease
Flo: front loop only
Blo: back loop only
Slip stitch
Hooksize: 3mm

The banana
1) Mr 4
2) 1inc, 3sc = 5 in total
3) 1inc, 4sc = 6 in total
4) 1inc, 5sc = 7 in total
5) 2 inc, 5 sc = 9 in total
6) 2 inc, 2 sc, 1 dec, 3sc = 9 in total
7) 2inc, 3sc, 1dec, 3sc = 11 in total
8) Sc all
9) Sc all
10) 1inc, 10sc = 12 in total
11) sc all, change to ivory in the end.
12) Flo: sc all
Fill with filling and shape the banana
13) Sc all
14) Sc all
15) Sc all
16) Sc all
17) Sc all
Fill with filling and shape the banana
18) *1sc, 1dec* repeat* until the end of the row
19) dec all and finish off

The half peeled peel
Make a slip stitch and attach it to the front loop made in row 12 of the banana(see above, you will notice a line and it in that line that you have to attach your slipknot on to.
1) Blo: 4 sc and turn
2) 4 sc and turn
3) 4 sc and turn
4) 4 sc and turn
5) 4 sc and turn
6) 4 sc and turn
7) skip 1 stich and sc in the nex, 1 dec and turn
8) 1 dec and finish off
Repeat step 1 until step 8 but this time attach the slip stitch in the 5th stitch of row 12 (with row 12 I mean row 12 of the banana)
Attach a new slip stitch in the 9th stitch of row 12 and repeat step 1 until step 8.

Banana peel only (without the banana)
Repeat step 1 until step 11 from the banana tutorial but don't change color. And then follow step 1 until step 8 from The half peeled peel tutorial.

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