Katia's Ruffled Scarf

Today I'm going to show you how to crochet this beautiful scarf! See how it ruffles! And oops! I forgot to refer you to my terms of use
So voilà! Have fun!

For this tutorial you will need:
- a 5mm/H-size crochet hook
- Katia yarn

(Just round it up for the inches, because it looks so confusing)
- 150 cm = 59,0551181 inches 
- 1 cm = 0,393700787 inches

1) Take your yarn and fold it out. As you can see, the fabric looks like a fishing net. It's because of this net that the fabric curls.
2) Take your hook and go through the top of the fabric twice and leaving about 1cm or 2 of distance. Make sure you take enough fabric on your hook, because sometimes the fabric can snap!
3) Pull the second loop through the first loop. This is your first chain.
4) Leave about a 1cm or 2 of fabric space, push your hook into the top of the fabric and pull through. You've just made your second chain. 
5) Repeat step 4 until you have a long chain. It should be about 150cm long.
There's a right way and a wrong way to push the hook through the fabric. Make sure it is always pushed through the top of the fabric and NOT through the bottom of the fabric. 
As you can see, the blue fabric doesn't curl as much as the pink one. But when you have a fabric like the pink one, make sure the fabric curls in and not out as you can see on the picture. It's easier to push your hook through.
When you have a chain of 150cm long, we will start hdc in each stitch, starting with the second stitch of the chain. 
6) Leave about 1cm or 2 of fabric space, push your hook through the fabric.
7) Go through the single crochet stitch, leave about 1cm or 2 of fabric space, push it through the fabric, pull through the single crochet.
8) Leave about 1cm or 2, push the crochet hook through the fabric and pull through three loops..
9) Keep repeating step 6, 7 and 8 untill you reached the end of your chain.
10) Finish off and you're done!
Easy peasy!

Diagram added on 16/10/15
The pink color is the ruffle of the scarf.
Good luck and if you have any questions, just ask me! ^.-


  1. I have some of this yarn, my first attempt is not great. I hoped this would help but I don't understand. You are making a chain of 150 chains long, using the edge of the yarn which has the ruffles forming as you go, but then what are you using to made hdc/htr? Is that different yarn? I am more confused now.

    1. Hello Cazzy
      So so sorry to got you confused. It's hdc (American way.) It's the same type of yarn.
      I'm trying to draw a diagram. Maybe this helps. Oh by the way, can you read crochet diagrams? So don't worry! Help is on it's way. Just give me a day or two. :) xxx

    2. Voilà Cazzy! Is it better this way? Xxx


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