Crazy Pink Tomato

So I finally made my own genetic manipulated tomato/pumpkin! Ha-ha!
It's pretty easy to make and I'll show you how!
If you want to create a bigger one follow the three extra rounds while increasing and the extra three rounds while decreasing.
For the smaller one just follow the instructions written in black.
Round 1: With colour A: magic 6 (6)
Round 2: Increase all (12)
Round 3: *1 sc, 1 increase* repeat* until your round is finished. (18)
Round 4: *2 sc, 1 increase*  
Round 5: *3sc, 1 increase*
Round 6: *4sc, increase*
Round 7: *5sc, increase*
Round 8: *6sc, increase*
Round 9: *7 sc, increase*
 *8 sc, increase*
*9 sc, increase*
 *10 sc, increase*
Round 10: sc all 
Round 11: sc all 
Round 12 sc all
Round 16: *10sc, 1 decrease*
Round 17: *9sc, 1decrease*
Round 18: *8sc, 1decrease* 
Round 13: *7sc, 1 decrease*
Round 14: *6sc, 1decrease*
Round 15: *5sc, 1decrease* 
Round 16: *4sc, 1decrease*
Round 17: *3sc, 1decrease*
Round 18: *2sc, 1decrease* 
Round 19: *1sc, 1decrease* 
Round 20: *decrease all*,  
Leave a very long end and finish off
Your ball will look like a hexagon. (See picture above.)
The pink lines are the lines you are going to sew with your long end. 
Step1: Thread a needle and go to the other side of the ball and sew it through (see pink line n° 1)
Repeat step one but this time in all the other corners. That means n°2, n°3 etc...
When you're finished your ball will look like a pumpking shape. 
Finish off and cut off the tread

Now it's time for the green part of the tomato!
Round 1: Magic ring (6)
Round 2: increase all (12)
Round 3: *1sc, 1  triple crochet * repeat* until your round is finished. (12)

When you're done, just push the triple crochet out, like so.
When all six triple crochet are pushed out, they should look pointy.
Now just sew the green bit on top of the front side (where the hole is).
And voilà! You're done!
(Please don't forget to read my T.O.U.)
Have fun crocheting!

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